Sunday, August 14, 2011



Sunday, August 7, 2011

Great weekend!

Shiokness to the MAX!

I just love having fun with my cousins...

Madness fill up the airs.

Photos below..

Granny Bdae

Go makan at Kelong..

Cute baby with sunglasses..
K + Pool

Dinner at Good way hotel together bersame buka puasa:)

Well, fun always ends when it reach a point Now its time for work! Left with only 3 weeks with my report, posters and AES.. Sighhh.. Am gonna cross fingers and pray hard that i will be able to finish it BY HOOK OR BY CROOK! DIE DIE MUST FINSIH AR.. However, i feel so luckily with Lay khean our new FS DT as she help us alot in the report and stuff..W/o her i think we will all be DEAD MEAT! Haha.. Wanted to skip school tml but on the second thought i think i am going to school. Gonna be a good gal for the next three/four weeks.. Nights my world.. Update again soon:)


Sunday, July 24, 2011

oh well F-ed up saturday
Was OVER PISSED by bloody bitchess
Cried over it and got to bear with it and COAX back the bitches
Like NB!
Seriously WHATS WRONG?
Forever like a DOG
Dun say in FAMILY, sometime in frenship i felt the same thing oso...
Why do I always have to do things that PLEASES other and let others step on my head..
Maybe thats ME for LIFE..
Something that will never change and it will continues
I just hope someone out that could actually see this and let me once be human not a DOG

Nonetheless, lucky my Sunday afternoon was GREAT!
Cause i was SHOPPING with my mum ONLY!
Thats the BEST thing:)
Bought two top and a Hermes perfume:) Wahaha..
Best of the best..
Thats all for today, continue another day


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I think nowaday PMS liaoo..
Feeling so "HOT" >:(
Kinda pissed over sisters..
Well, everything has to be done by me..
Doesnt mean BIG means must do all ok!
WELL, was pissed for a period of time but now OK laa.
Just hoped the PMS wont come back.. Haha!!

Tomorrow am going to Admiraty to get my auto PDL and start driving on saturday morning:)
Cant wait for the first lesson to DRIVE.. Haha..
Anyway i drove my dad car last sunday and he was like "WO WO WO BECAREFUL!" Haha..
Just cant imagine myself driving in Spore:)
Am so going to get a car if i have my licence.
SO JOAN! we shall fo F21 work:) Haha...

Friday am going out with my cousins and sisters..
Cant wait for it! Am so egggcitedd..
Am so going to shoppp..
Hoho, haven learn to work am spending so MUCH!
Thats Irine!! Haha..

Tomorrow finally i cant breathe a little in school.
Hope friday and tomorrow will be a GREAT DAY! :)


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Had a GREAT FUN last week:)
Last wed went to celebrate BABY QASRINA advance birthday.
We went to eat at pastamania and laugh like mad as per usual.
Photos belowss:

Friday all went to watch harry potter!! wad a great show:)
Saturday woke up at 7am to bake cookie for my mum ask sunday is her bdae!! Haha...
Went back to batam at around 12pm and celebrated my mum bdae on sunday nights:)
Pictures below..

Always love the days at batam..
Thats wad home feels like...
I have a great family.. A BIG AND GREAT ONE:)

Monday morning took 745am ferry back to spore and went out to have dinner with siblings and aunt and uncle.. Sabu-sabu for dinner.. I LOVE the Miso soup in the hot pot, hehe...
Pictures below..

Thats the end of the happy times..

Today was kinda bad:( Feel so pissed over the teacherss in my schooll.. Sometime i dun really understand, we are students, we take in instruction and do what it is suppose to be done but the teacher always give last minute instruction with the face of "you should know what i want and what you should do" like what the hell please.. who the hells knows!! Give the exact instruction la dey!! Sighh.. Just wanna end my FYP asap :l Lucks to me:)

Oh well, tomorrow its gonna be a LONG DAY again.. felt like everything is coming to fast and squeeze, can i have more time? I ned it!! Whatever laa... i am going to watch my drama BYE!